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Sentinel Articles by Lynn Jackson

Never Isolated, Never Alone

Taking Our Steps with God

A Home Filled with Light

Be A "Spiritual Conformist"


"Know Thyself"

Feeling the Presence of God

How We Can Pop the Bubble


Freedom from Oppression

Prayer and Gratitude (MRA Reprint)

Gaining a Better Understanding of God

Do Your Tomorrows Every Come?

Being Unafraid

Obeying our Father-Mother God (MRA Reprint)

Searching for a Parent? Turn to God

The Door to Freedom is Open

Help from the Bible (MRA Reprint)

Overcoming Self-Condemnation

Our Healing Mission

Watching for, and Casting out, the Mental Intruder

Our Tolerance Point

Individuality and Competition

"Emerge Gently from Matter to Spirit"

The Inward Voice That's Always There

How Spirit Dissipated the Storm

Introduction to the Bible: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

God's Gentle Presence Heals

Thanksgiving's Feast -- And Fast

The Power to Turn Away from Drinking

Safe When We Hear and Heed God's Direction

Who Are Your Heroes?

The Search for Spirituality

Healed of a Heredity Condition

When the Seagulls Soared in the Night

The Selling of Disease

Sincerity Leads to Success

Fear of Terrorism

Prayer that turns a downhill struggle into a walk in the woods

The ark of safety and hope

Prayer stopped sleepwalking in its tracks

Tell me something new about God

A childlike attitude brings the idea that heals

From belief to understanding: you can do it!

An Invitation to consider Class Instruction

Desire is Prayer

Change your thought, change your life

Making room for God

My prayer "to dwell in the land of safety"

Making Room for God

How we can keep kids safe

A Matter of Evidence

The day started with tennis and ended with healing

We can overcome fear and illness

Live Chat: Sickness for Sale, Don't Buy it

Prayer: Best Defense

Back to Basics

The Rebuke that Heals

Mass Hysteria Averted

Are Don't Do's Holding You Back?

Reading Your Spiritual Barometer

The Application that Heals

Oil -- and Tapping into Infinite Resource

Arrest those wrong thoughts

Persistent, Healing Prayer

Calming fear in a crisis

God created you to be you

Spiritual Ascendency Alone Heals

Touching the Christly Hem

Prayer that is fresh and inspired

Seeing present reality

Untouched by fear and falsehood

Joy in obeying God

The World Has Need of You

Our Love for our siblings

Why not now?

The 'devotion of thought' to healing

Truth, the remedy for error

Go ahead and represent!


Our Spiritual Heritage