Journal Articles

Journal Articles by Lynn Jackson


The Rewards of Seeking the Kingdom of God

"…for they all shall be filled"

Relying "Upon Divine Mind Alone"

Being a Spiritual Philanthropist

Christly Compassion Employs "No Violent Invective"

Destination: Class Instruction

Affliction Shall Not Rise Up The Second Time

What Matters to You: Turning to God (MRA Reprint)

A Niche for Each of Us

The Theatrics of Animal Magnestism

Be Not Deceived

Christly Deeds vs. Cruel Creeds

Writing: A Moral Obligation

Christ Reveals Who You Are

True Opportunity

Beyond the Pebbles, The Grand View

Uprooting the Belief of Life in Matter

Looking to Spirit for Healing

Being Childlike and Receptive

Where do we find our Individuality?

God was Pointing the Way

How I Pray About Financial Stability

How I Prayed During a Community Crisis

Healing Can Come Today

Prayer on the Ski Slope

Body Work 

Growing Church from the Inside Out

Teacher's Come Home from Boston

Face Animal Magnetism Fearlessly

Decisions and the Path to Freedom

Freedom from Time's Limit

Spiritual Pathology

Provable Theology (Interview)

Seeing the present reality

Communing with God 

Our Pure Origin and Heritage

At home wherever we are

Proving Principle

Scientific Right Reasoning