Association Meeting

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The Association of Pupils of

Lynn Gray Jackson, CSB

Our Association Meeting is an annual gathering of pupils and guests who have either taken Class Instruction from Lynn or from an authorized Christian Science teacher.  Those wishing to attend as a guest should contact Lynn for permission and information. Once you've been accepted as a guest you will be emailed the information needed to make your trip to Lubbock smooth and pleasant. You will also be given a password to enter the secure area of our site. 

Associations. Sect. 6. The associations of the
pupils of loyal teachers shall convene annually.
The pupils shall be guided by the BIBLE, and
SCIENCE AND HEALTH, not by their teachers'
personal views. Teachers shall not call their
pupils together, or assemble a selected number of
them, for more frequent meetings.

Mary Baker Eddy, Church Manual, Article 26, Section 6.